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Digestive Health SmartBrief

Data suggest probiotics could help reduce constipation
Studies of probiotic supplements to manage constipation found that they may slow gut transit time, increase bowel movements and soften stools, according to a report by British researchers. Dr. Allan Walker at Harvard Medical School, a probiotics expert, said the evidence still is not enough to recommend a specific probiotic, but that probiotics overall could help deal with constipation and other health issues. Harvard Health Publications/Harvard Health Blog (8/21)




Exact Sciences gains FDA approval for at-home colon cancer test
The FDA on Monday approved an at-home, DNA-based colorectal screening test from Exact Sciences that can spot genetic mutations linked to cancerous and precancerous growth in the colon. The Cologuard test was able to detect more cancers during clinical trials compared with blood testing. The test isn't meant to replace more thorough evaluation methods, such as colonoscopy, but rather to encourage more people to be screened, doctors say.

Behavior Modification Therapy 

Michael Vernon has been the behavioral therapist in the Before & After Weight Loss Clinics for the past 20 year has a jump drive available of the Life Skill's discussions.   Michael, also the co-author of Lee's latest book, Belly Bustin' Tips you can use on ANY diet.
When you become a member you will be provided with the call information.  
The 7 Class course includes: 
  • Emotional Boundaries
  • Control Issues
  • Food and other Addictions
  • Anger
  • Grief & Loss
  • Stress & Relaxation 
  • Self Esteem
You will lose all of the weight you want to if you stick to the nutritional plan.  But keeping the weight off permanently is the main goal and why you came to us.  We will help you find out why you sabotage yourself, help you find the triggers that cause you to make bad choices and prepare you with a positive mental framework for maintaining the new you in your everyday world.