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Belly Buster Boxes

Cooking Class in a Box! A monthly subscription to living the Low Carb Lifestyle!

WARNING: This is NOT for everyone! If you waste money eating out a lot and don't like to cook, it's probably not for you. If you are not ready to cook more at home or to learn to cook healthy and ascribe to clean eating, its probably not for you. But if you ARE,  you will LOVE our boxes! The Belly Buster Boxes will help you eat healthier, stay on target with your diet, have ideas for meals, get new recipes and plan menus!

Each month you will get 3-4 mouthwatering recipes and some things to make them, including the packets of our protein supplements to make them, 4 weeks of menus, treats and goodies of the season, and access to me and our dieticians for help with your diet. Also you will get coupons and discounts from manufacturers and vendors as well as coupons for specials on our products. You even get a free box when you refer someone!

This month our box has my favorite 4 holiday desserts! I love every one of them! Each month your Belly Buster box has a theme: Valentine's, Easter, Italian, Mexican (CInqo De Mayo), or Crockpot Cookery. You can go on our blog,, and find recipes you would like us to feature. Also you will soon be able to view us preparing these dish on our Belly Buster YOUTube channel.

To order your Belly Buster Box subscription, call 1-888-657-5402.

For helping us during this pre-launch phase and giving us feedback, we can discount your box! One month would have been $49 per mo. But for you, you will save $8 and one month subscription is $39 for 1 mo.

But if you commit to at least 3 month, you save $30 and the rate is $37 / mo.

And if you commit to all year , you save a whopping $85 at $32.83 /mo.

To order your Belly Buster Box subscription, call 1-888-657-5402.